A Business Coach Means Business


A business coach can really improve the productivity of your employees. If you don’t feel that the work is getting done quickly enough, you can employ a business coach to hurry things along. However, you may want to know a few things about how they operate. If you hire one and are surprised by the methods that they use, it may not end well for anyone. Therefore, here are a few pointers on what a business coach can do for your company and your employees
– A good business coach can motivate your staff but they won’t do it with flowers, chocolate, hugs, and words of comfort. You are not hiring a business coach to help your staff feel like they are invincible. It is more likely that you are hiring a business coach to give them kicks up the backside. That is the methodology that they use. A business coach won’t act like a support crew for people who are lazy or don’t have the drive. A business coach will cut through staff like a hot knife through butter. They will find what is wrong with a person’s work habits or a person’s workload and they will point it out in no uncertain terms. They can offer critiques and techniques to assist productivity but they won’t be unnecessarily nice about it. Blunt honesty is the name of the game here.
– A business coach would prefer that employees keep their personal lives personal and their professional lives professional. If you have a date with a fellow employee, don’t tell everyone around the office. Keep it to yourself — it likely won’t end well anyway so you don’t want people giving you strange looks and fake sympathy. The workmates didn’t want to hear about it in the first place so they can lay the boot in if it goes wrong. A model employee will stick to the task at hand. That is how people get their work done and that is what a business coach will teach you. You can unwind after the work hours have been exhausted but not before then.
– Likewise, a business coach is in the company to do their job. They aren’t some sort of counselling service. They are not there to make friends. It is possible to develop certain feelings for your business coach. There have been stranger things in life. However, there is such a thing as right place at the right time. Even if you two become best friends, understand that you have your own lives and duties within work hours. The last thing you want to do is tread the line and risk something unfavourable to the both of you. The business coach can be fired and you can be punished. It isn’t just about romantic relationships, either — obtrusive platonic relationships can be just as unhelpful when the clock is ticking.