Relationship Counseling, Is It For You?


No two persons are can ever be the same even if they are twins. People have differentpersonalities and react to things differently. That is why even though relationships can be thebest things that happens to you, keeping them stable and making them work can be such hardwork. This is even more difficult when this relationship involves a lot of intimacy as inmarriages or partnerships. People tend to become very sensitive when they are dealing with someone they love. If your relationship has been facing problems lately, it may be necessary
to go for relationship counselling in Brisbane with your spouse or partner.

What to expect during a counseling session

If you have managed to convince your partner that you need to see a relationship counselor and they have agreed. Then you are lucky because probably half of the problem is solved. Most people are not that lucky and will spend moths trying to convince their partner that they should get help.

Anyway when you finally decide to meet with a relationship expert, it is okay to be apprehensive. However there is no need to worry as you will be meeting with a professionalwho has had to deal with similar cases in the past. That said sessions may take the following form

 Introductory session where all partners are present
 Separate interviews between you and the relationship counselor and another onebetween your partner and the counselor. They often start with one on oneconversation with the other partner absent so that partners in a relationship get to express themselves without the judgmental eyes of their partner.
 There will be solo sessions as well as sessions where all parties involved are included,whatever the case, you can rest assured that whatever is said during such sessions shall remain very confidential.

When does it work?

The simple answer to this question is that counseling will work if it is started as soon as the couples discover there is a problem. The tendency for most people is to try to ignore theproblem and wish it to go away. Unfortunately, in relationships, such problems don’t just goaway. They silently develop teeth and very soon arms and legs and before you know it, the problem has become so big the only way to weed it out is to break the parties involved. You can check this out for other services being offered by counselors. 

That is why the advise it, don’t look away when you detect a problem. Instead, face yourfears and tackle the problem head on. It is true you may hear a lot of things about yourselfthat you may not like during the process of counseling. However, it is better to hear this fromyour partner than to become the talk of the whole neighbourhood when the relationship finally breaks down.

Nobody ever said being in a relationship was easy work. All partners have to work hard tokeep the fire that makes them tick burning. Sometimes it may take some relationship counseling to get to that point.