The Art of Mind Reading

You must have come across a lot of people claiming to read people’s mind. Is it really true? Well, the answer is yes. Mind reading is as difficult as much magical it sounds. The people, who practice this art, rely on the actions and behavior of the concerned person. It takes into consideration every small activity undertaken by the client such as sitting position, hand gestures, speed of eye blinking, change in facial expressions and leg movement. However, today with the intrusion of science in the field, a higher level of transformation in this context is foreseen. Apart from only being able to read minds, scientists are trying to predict what the other person will think next.

This field is to be distinguished from astrology as here future predictions are not made based on numerology or any other method. Its other forms like Thought transference and projection and telepathy could not gain much appraisals and were sidelined. The service is being transformed using technology as a person’s consciousness and dream recording has been possible using MRI scans. It is being claimed to be the mind reader as per the developers while others call it thought identification mechanism. 

Uses of Mind Reading

The act of mind reading has found many useful applications. From treatment of mental disorders like anxiety to intelligence services including revealing of information from criminals, involve the act of mind reading. Experts such as psychologists and psychiatrist are trained professionals whose curriculum include the various ways of reading minds. Detective services are also other intelligence services which make use of mind reading. This art is also used to code or decode secrets or other classified information.

Anyone Can Read Minds

Science scholars dictate that mind reading is genuine and has been experimenting with different ways. Several scientific researches are being carried out to identify the possible abilities of our brain. 

Mirror Neurons Theory: In a scientific research it was found that a certain cluster of brain cells becomes active and responds to the action performed by someone else. Since the cells reflected the sequence performed by someone else, it was called as mirror neurons. 

Theory Theory: The evidence collected (of a person) as expressions and gestures, is used to read mental conditions. 

Natural Mind Readers: According to this theory a mind reader places himself in the customer’s position and is required to pass through their experiences. This theory is similar to the mirror neuron theory, but is different in terms of overall execution. In this method a reader has to knowingly think as others while mirror theory had a spontaneous reaction.